Guest Student Application

Menlo College
This form will serve as your application for admission as a guest student to Menlo College. If pursuing a degree from another institution, check with your home institution to become familiar with its requirements. Prior to completing this form, please review the schedule of classes for a full listing of offered courses, and the Academic Calendar for drop, withdrawals, and additional refund policies. 
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Application fee to submit this form is $40. Please call us at (650) 543-3737. Full tuition payment must also be submitted prior to registration. 

A guest student:
1. Is subject to all the admission and registration regulations of Menlo College.
2. Does not have permission to register as a degree candidate at Menlo College.
3. Is responsible to determine that the home institution will accept credit earned as a guest           student.
4. Must understand that falsification of any part of an Undergraduate Guest Student Application         may result in cancellation of admission and/or registration at Menlo College.
5. Is not eligible to receive financial aid through Menlo College.
6. May be required to produced unofficial transcripts which verifies successful fulfillment of Menlo course prerequisite requirements.
7. Must arrange to have a transcript of any credit earned as a guest student, and pay all relevant fees for transcripts sent from Menlo College to your home institution.
 See the Academic Calendar for drops, withdrawal, and refund policies. 

Personal Information

Applied Information/Educational Background

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Type the name of your school, address, state, and country.

Academic Interest
Menlo courses you intend to take:
Students may be required to produce an unofficial transcript which verifies successful fulfillment of Menlo course prerequisite requirements.
Type course code and title of class you wish to add in the text fields below. It is important to include the course code, section, and the full title of the class you intend to add.
NOTE: Guest Students are limited to one semester of enrollment. Guest students who wish to apply to Menlo College as degree-seeking students must complete a regular application for admissions and meet all regular admission requirements. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institution attended must be provided. In order for credits to apply for Menlo College degree, a guest student must apply through Admissions within one year of enrollment. Courses taken at all institutions, including those taken as a guest student at Menlo College, will be used to calculate the admission grade point average. This calculation will be weighed in Menlo's decision to admit the guest student as a regular degree-seeking student.